3D printers in Ukraine

The largest choice of 3D printers in Ukraine in our online-store! We propose only qualitative, functional and reliable equipment for different tasks. Before buying you become detailed consultation on 3D printer selection. What you will find in our store:

  • Desktop FDM/SLA 3D-printers;
  • Professional 3D printers;
  • Metal 3D-printers;
  • Food 3D-printers;
  • Clay 3D-printers.

Besides this we offer various materials to these 3D-printers as 3D-printing filaments and photopolymer resins in different colors. When buying any desktop 3D printer in our store you become free teaching how to work with it! Technical support during operation process is guaranteed.

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What we offer

Our company purpose services for sale different equipment for 3D printing. In our store you can find 3D printers any class for any task. Here are presented desktop and industrial equipment with various 3D-printing resolution. Are you looking for accuracy? SLA 3D printers are for you. Want the best quality for manufacturing? Pay attention to professional devices. Need good quality for best price? FDM 3D-printers are your choice. Each of them and even more you can find in our internet-store.

Among other things in our company you can buy many models of 3D printers for promotional prices. There are always topical and profitable offers in the relevant sections of the site. And there are discounts for regular customers. Only in our company you can buy 3D-printer with sending all over Ukraine!

Desktop and professional 3D printers

You don’t know what to buy – desktop or professional 3D printer? We will help you to choose. At first you must identify tasks for which you require 3D-printer. If you don’t plan to 3D printing complex details with grate resolution, we recommend you to pay attention to desktop 3D printers. Now there are few important parameters;

  • Type of 3D printer (FDM/SLA/DLP);
  • Build volume;
  • 3D printing quality;
  • Type of housing (open, enclosed);
  • 3D printing speed;
  • Number of available materials.

How to buy 3D printer

Buy 3D printer in our store is very easy. You can make order direct on our site or contact us by email or phone. Also you can visit us in our offices in Kiev or Kharkiv – there are equipped showroom where you can look how work 3D printers and choose one of them. Also we send orders anywhere in Ukraine, so you can make order from any city. Pay attention to another our services – 3D modeling, 3D printing, prototyping, design, cmall-scale production and other. Contact us to learn more.

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