Plastic parts

Here are posted examples of 3D printed plastic parts, made on different models of 3D printers. On this page you will find products of SLA/DLP, sandstone and FDM 3D-printing in different variations. There are models from 3D-filament, photopolymer resin, full-color sandstone and so on. Here is really everything that is capable of 3D-printing!

At this page we placed photos of different projects that we made including prototyping, jewelry 3D printing, small-batch manufacturing and other. You can compare by yourself quality of different 3D-printing technologies, various types of plastic and resin. We carry out projects on 3D modeling and 3D-printing of any complexity!

3D printed plastic parts

Our company can help you with manufacturing of different plastic parts of any complexity. We can make everything, from small-scaled to big module products. We offer 3D-printing from 1 to 1000 pcs and other services in 3D technologies field. To make an order contact us by phone or email which you can find on a page “Contact Information”.

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