SLA/LFS 3D printing

3D printing SLA/LFS is synonymous with excellent quality, high detail and smooth surface of the created products. This 3D printing is the best choice for jewelers, medicine, engineers, functional prototypes and finished products, sculpting, etc.


What do we offer:

  • The most accurate 3D printing with quality up to 25 microns, performed on professional Formlabs 3D printers;
  • More than 25 types of materials for 3D printing;
  • Possible field to construction of products up to 335 x 200 x 300 mm;
  • Affordable prices;
  • The possibility of serial production of products. We carry out reproduction of objects from 1 to 1000 pieces;
  • 3D printing in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine. You can order the manufacture of products from anywhere in the country;
  • Terms of order fulfillment from 1 working day;
  • Individual consultation of a technical specialist upon your request.


Materials for 3D printing:

Types of ResinsMaterials
StandardClear • White • Grey • Black • Model • Color Kit • Draft
EngineeringGrey Pro • High Temp
Rigid: Rigid 10K • Rigid 4000
Tough & Durable: Tough • Tough 2000 • Tough 1500 • Durable
Flexible & Elastic: Flexible 80A • Elastic 50A
JewelryCastable Wax 40 • Castable Wax • High Temp • Grey
MedicalBioMed Clear • BioMed Amber • Elastic • Tough 1500 • Clear


We print on professional Formlabs 3D printers with quality up to 25 microns:


Formlabs Form 2 3D PrinterFormlabs Form 3 3D Printer. 3D printing SLA/LFSFormlabs Form 3L 3D Printer


3D printing SLA prices

The price depends on the selected material and the volume of your print. It is calculated by the program based on the 3D model.


Order 3D printing LFS

If you are interested in the information provided and you want to order 3D printing or to get advice, you can:

  • contact us on one of the phones listed in the section “Our contacts“;
  • send us a request by e-mail;
  • or use the order form:
Order service


Examples of SLA / LFS 3D prints

Black Resin Formlabs3D printing SLA3D printing SLA/LFS3D printing SLA/LFS3D printed on SLA 3D Printer3D printing SLA/LFS in PrototypingRigid 10k Resin. 3D printing SLA/LFSHigh temp resin3D printing SLA/LFS


More examples


3D printing LFS for Jewelry

If you somewhere hear the words “jewelry 3D printing” – know that we are talking about SLA 3D printing. It is this type of additive manufacturing that is used to create jewelry prototypes and casting samples. The high detail of the obtained objects makes this 3D printing the best option for those who want to get ultra-precise products using the provided 3D models. Jewelry 3D printing can significantly simplify the jewelry manufacturing process by skipping several traditional steps. It helps you will receive ready-made models for burning, prototypes for casting and making rubber molds. We print on professional equipment such as Formlabs Form 2, Form 3 and Form 3L.


3D printing services

3DDevice offers the following 3D printing services:

  • Jewelry, engineering and general high-precision 3D printing (SLA, LFS);
  • Fused deposition (FDM 3D printing) reproduction;
  • Manufacturing of products on industrial 3D printers;
  • 3D printing with reinforced materials (titanium, carbon, metallized plastic);
  • 3D printing with powder thermoplastics using the SLS method.


Other services of our company:

  • 3D Scanning;
  • 3D Modeling;
  • Product creation according to drawings;
  • 3D Design;
  • Restoration of damaged products;
  • Development of a 3D model based on a sample;
  • Manufacturing of a product according to the description;
  • Development of a 3D model from a photo;
  • Post-processing and painting of finished products;
  • Small batch production;
  • Layout making.

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