3D printing in Ukraine

3D printing is one of the technologies of future which every day becomes more demand. It develops and extends impetuous to give new opportunities in different manufacturing fields. Our company purpose concludes in popularization of 3D technologies in Ukraine and in giving people a chance to meet new opportunities. Soon 3D-printing and 3D printers will become an integral part of everyday life. And we are ready to give everyone everything essential to qualitative and easy work with three-dimensional technologies. In our online-shop you will find various equipment, accessories, spare parts and materials for 3D print. Besides, we offer the best prices for 3D projecting, 3D scanning, 3D modeling and other.

Open 3D-world with us!


3D printer buy

If you’re looking for qualitative 3D printer, we recommend you to acquaint with broad spectrum of our goods. What we propose:

  • FDM 3D printers;
  • SLA/LFS 3D-printers;
  • SLS 3D-printers;
  • Industrial 3D-printers;
  • Metal 3D-printers;
  • Food 3D-printers;
  • Clay 3D-printers;
  • 3D-pens.

Without fail we conduct free teachment in handling with 3D-printers. Also in our company you become professional consultation and help with equipment selection. Turn to us if you have any problems with choice of equipment. Our experts will give you full and relevant information about represented printers. Pursuant to company policy, provides for warranty and maintenance services. Before sale we check up workability of equipment.


3D technology and 3D printing

In spite of equipment sales 3DDevice engaged in different branches of 3D technologies. Benefits of working with us:

  • We discharging projects of any difficulty
  • Printing with different types of filament and photopolymer resins
  • We fulfill 3D-scanning and 3D-projecting
  • Medical 3D printing with titan and cobalt-chrome
  • Small-scale production (up to 1000 parts)
  • Full color sandstone 3D printing
  • 3D-modeling based on drawings, sketches, original objects, 3D-scanning data and so on
  • Rapid prototyping and functional parts printing
  • Different equipment for 3D-printing
  • Selecting optimal material for 3D-printer together with customer
  • Orders send within Ukraine.


 3D printing online

In our store you will also find many models of contemporary 3D-pens and 3D-plastic for it. It is the best choice for children art and artistic expressions. We advise you to draw the attention of our 3D printing online service. We offer additive manufacturing of different purpose: printing for medical and jewellery industries, for dentists, engineers, designers, artists, scientists and others. We can make reconstruction of damaged object by samples and other daily projects. Also you can buy 3D-printer for common use, professional equipment, 3D-scanner, 3D-pen and so on. In our online store accommodate wide range of spare parts, 3D-accessories, different filaments and resins.


Our central office placed in Kiev to the address:

Kiev city, Shuliavska metro station, Oleksandra Dovzhenka Street, h.3

In our branches you can choose and buy 3D-printer, order 3D printing, 3D-modelling and other services. All questions you may put by e-mail or phone numbers, which are accessible here. Treat us, we will be happy to cooperate with you!


3D printer KLEMA 250

65 700 грн.
CreatBot F430 pro

3D printer CreatBot F430

214 000 грн.
3D printer KLEMA Pro

3D printer Klema 250 Pro

76 200 грн.

3D printer Formlabs Form 3

136 500 грн.
Peel 3 3D Scanner

3D printer Klema 700

352 500 грн.