PLA plastic 3DDevice White 1,75 / 2,85 / 3,00 mm

1 140 грн.

PLA plastic allows you to achieve the highest quality when printing on a 3D printer. This happens due to the rapid solidification and cooling of the plastic, which avoids deformation of the model. The best price-quality ratio!

Available with 1.75 mm, 2.85 mm and 3.00 mm plastic strands

Coil weight – 1 kg



High quality PLA-plastics 3DDevice

PLA-plastics recommended for anyone new in 3D printing. It is environmentally friendly and safe, simple and easy to print. Since PLA is made from biodegradable raw materials (cornstarch and cane), it can even be used by children. For example, this material is ideal for working with a 3D pen. In printing, PLA plastic behaves well: due to the rapid cooling of the product, it is difficult to deform. Also, thanks to this, there are no problems when reproducing objects with complex geometry. PLA-plastic 3DDevice can be used for the manufacture of decorative items. This is greatly facilitated by the variety of available colors. In addition, the material lends itself well to post-processing. Models made from it can be sanded, polished, painted, primed and varnished. Odorless when melted.



3D printing typeFDM
Plastic typePLA
Plastic filament diameter1.75 mm, 2.85 mm and 3.00 mm
Optimum printing temperature190 – 225 °C
The melting point is190 °C
Density of material1.2 kg/m2
Tensile strength40 MPa
Elongation ratio30%
Available colorsWhite, blue, yellow, green, gold, emerald, brown, red, natural, orange, transparent, pink, light orange, light purple, light gray, light blue, silver, gray, dark blue, purple, black, bright green
Manufacturer countryChina
Bobbin inner diameter57 mm



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