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On this page you can choose qualitative and modern 3D pen for art and as an additive instrument for 3D printing. We purpose a broad assortment of different 3D drawing pens including 3D pen Myriwell, Creopop 3D-pen, K-Slim, RP and so on. In our online-store you can also find various materials for drawing: 3D filament and photopolymer in different colors. We offer both sets of plastic and by the piece in 100 g. Discharge sending within Ukraine and to other countries. Choose your own way to creative expression with 3DDevice!

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3D drawing pen

For most of us 3D pen is just an amusement tool, mostly for children. But in fact it is a powerful creative instrument that can be used for different artistic applications. 3D pen can help designers, artists and sculptors to realize their ideas. You can rally make everything with it! It suggests new ways to make a reality of art concepts, projects and tasks. And to children 3D-drawing pen helps in development of fine motor skills and spatial thinking. So it is not only functional but very useful device.

How does it works

The most common are so-called “hot” 3D pens. Their working principle resembles an FDM 3D printing technology. In a special hole in pens body inserts plastic filament. Inside it melts and moves out of a nozzle on a surface for drawing. You can draw in 2D on a surface or create three-dimensional objects by the way of building-up layers. Besides that method exist also SLA-like 3D pens. They contain built-in UV LEDs and draws with photopolymer materials. In our store presented both types of 3D-pens of best quality.

What do you need for drawing

Just your own fantasy! Joke. A little bit more. 3D pen is very simple device, so even kids can learn how to use it. For art you need pen with power cable, power source (sometimes it can be also PC or laptop) and 3D-printing materials as plastic filament or photopolymer. The last offered in assortment in our online-store. You can draw with different colors, change and combine them during drawing process. Pay attention to our goods and choose appropriate for your own needs!

Buy 3D pen

To buy 3D pen you need just add it to cart in our online-store. But you can also contact us with e-mail or one of phone numbers which are available here. We recommend you to pay attention to the rest of our goods in shop. There are placed different 3D printers, 3D scanners, accessories and spare parts. Also there is an opportunity to order 3D-printing, 3D-modeling, rapid prototyping and so on.

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