Photopolymer resin for SLA / DLP 3D printers

Unlike FDM 3D printers, devices that work on SLA and DLP technologies use special photopolymer resins. Photopolymer resin is a special liquid substance that hardens when exposed to light. Most often, ultraviolet radiation is used for exposure. Today, there are resins with various physical and mechanical properties, adapted for burning out or making casting molds and many other applications. In the 3DDevice store you are guaranteed to find material for any requirement! We have presented: ➤Burnable resins; ➤Resins for the manufacture of rubber and casting molds; ➤Resins for jewelers; ➤Resins for dentists; ➤Flexible and Rigid resins; ➤Medical and Dentist resins; ➤Engineering resins; ➤Heavy resins and more!

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