Cartridge Formlabs BioMed Flex 80A Resin, 1L

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Firm, flexible, medical-grade material for applications requiring durability, biocompatibility and transparency. ISO 10993 and USP Class VI certified for long-term skin contact (> 30 days) and short-term mucosal contact (< 24 hours).

  • Printer compatibility: Form 3B/3B+, Form 3BL.
  • Resin Tank compatibility: Form 3 LFS, Form 3L Tank.
  • Supports print resolution: Form 3B/3B+ – 50, 100 µm; Form 3BL – 100 µm.
  • Is certified biocompatible.
  • Recommended lifetime/shelf life: 24 months.
  • Needs post-curing.

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Flexible biocompatible Formlabs BioMed Flex 80A Resin

BioMed Flex 80A is a new elastomeric resin from Formlabs. It is a firm and flexible medical grade material for 3D printing transparent products that meet the requirements of durability and biocompatibility.

BioMed Flex 80A Resin combines the flexibility and convenience you’ve come to appreciate in Flexible 80A Resin with the biocompatibility certifications you need.

The material is ISO 10993 and USP Class VI certified and manufactured in an FDA registered ISO 13485 facility. Therefore, it can be safely used for long-term skin contact (up to 30 days) and short-term mucosal contact (up to 24 hours).


Why choose BioMed Flex 80A?

3D printing is a more efficient way to produce medical devices than traditional methods such as casting. This is a faster way of turning an idea into a finished product with greater freedom in choosing a form. BioMed Flex 80A is flexible and biocompatible, making it ideal for the production of medical devices that require these properties: flexible biocompatible medical devices and anatomical models.


Flexible biocompatible Formlabs BioMed Flex 80A Resin


Flexible resin for 3D printing properties

The flexible material adapts to the movement of the body – ideal for the production of medical devices, solid tissue models that require short-term contact with the mucous membrane. Optimization of the application of mass personalization compared to the use of bulky forms.

Transparent. Produce complex transparent solid tissue models and deliver them directly to the operating room as a reference for complex medical procedures (eg sizing models, cartilage models or diseased organs).

Medical material, biocompatible parts. The material is manufactured in strict compliance with ISO 13485. Long-term skin contact up to 30 days and short-term contact with human mucous membranes up to 24 hours.


  • Ultimate Tensile Strength – 7.2 MPa
  • Stress at 50% Elongation – 2.6 MPa
  • Stress at 100% Elongation – 4.5 MPa
  • Elongation – 135%
  • Tear Strength – 22 kN/m
  • Hardness Shore A – 80A


Resin for medical 3D printing

Rapid direct 3D printing of flexible parts that require biocompatibility with BioMed Flex 80A Resin*.

  • Flexible biocompatible medical devices and components.
  • Medical products that require short-term contact with the mucous membrane.
  • Solid tissue models to aid in surgery.


*Unlike Formlabs Dental Resins, no intended uses are provided for BioMed Resins. Material properties may vary based on part design, manufacturing practices, and other methods. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility and its respective customers and end-users to determine the biocompatibility and performance of all printed parts for their respective application and use. To instill confidence in potential users, Formlabs has tested biocompatibility and sterilization compatibility for common use cases and manufactures BioMed Resins in an ISO 13485-certified facility. We can offer representative examples of what customers have done with our products and the supporting documentation we make freely available.



  • Compatible with printers: Form 3B, Form 3B+, Form 3BL.
  • Resin tank compatibility: Form 3 LFS, Form 3L Tank.
  • Layer height: Form 3B – 50, 100 microns, Form 3BL – 100 microns.
  • Certified for biocompatibility.
  • Recommended shelf life of the cartridge: 24 months.
  • Requires final polymerization.

Note. Print options for this material may not yet be available on Form 3L and Form 3BL printers. For more information visit the Formlabs support page.


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Data Sheets:

BioMed Flex 80A Resin TDS (EN)

BioMed Flex 80A Resin SDS (EN)


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