3D printer Formlabs Form 3BL

585 000 грн.

Build Volume: 335 × 200 × 300 mm

The Form 3BL is an affordable professional SLA medical 3D printer with a larged printable area (19.4” diagonal). Creates highly accurate anatomical replicas of adult patients, has high throughput and reproducible industrial-quality print results.

3DDevice is the official representative of Formlabs in Ukraine and Moldova

When selling 3D equipment, we provide free training on how to work with the device. We guarantee high-quality maintenance for the entire period of operation.

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Buy Formlabs Form 3BL 3D Printer

Planning to buy a 3D printer for your clinic or dental office? Need more equipment throughput? Check out Formlabs 3D printers and consider buying the Form 3BL large format 3D Printer.

Form 3BL Key Features

Form-3BL - Life Size 3D Prints

Larged print area

Build volume: 335 × 200 × 300 mm – five times bigger than the Formlabs Form 3 one. Form 3BL is large enough to print full size anatomy. It prints adult anatomy details like femurs, pelvic bones, skulls at 1:1 scale, large medical device parts, or print many small parts at once.





Formlabs Form 3BL 3D printer - large parts printed with impressive speed and accuracy

Print on demand

It takes just a few hours from a 3D model to a finished product! Large format prototyping, custom orthotics, surgical planning models, sterilizable medical device parts, high throughput dental 3D printing are all available with the versatile Form 3BL large format 3D printer.




Formlabs Form 3BL biocompatible 3D printer


Parts created on the Form 3BL 3D printer meet all biocompatibility requirements. Equipment and Resins are manufactured at a factory in accordance with ISO 13485 and have passed the necessary tests and certifications. A FDA-approved biocompatible polymers in the Formlabs materials library can be sterilized and disinfected using standard methods.




Formlabs 3D Printer - Intuitively Efficient

Convenience and automation of the printing process

Formlabs Form 3BL has an intuitive user interface and a simple workflow. Most operations do not require operator intervention. With its automatic resin dispensing, simple pre-print software, and thoughtful interface, you seamlessly integrate the Form 3BL into your clinical workflows.




Formlabs 3D Printer - Always Connected

High 3D printsng speed and bandwidth

Form 3BL works 24h with minimal human control. Compatible with the entire SLA Formlabs library, which supports ideal sensor printing conditions and remote 3D printing, it helps you meet critical deadlines, which is important, for example, for trauma surgery.




Incredible product quality with Formlabs 3D printers

Incredible product quality

Thanks to two high-precision lasers and the features of LFS (Low Force Stereolithography) technology using a flexible transparent tank, even large parts are printed with impressive speed, precision and excellent smooth product surfaces. Form 3BL achieves stable printing results with resolution down to the micron level, which is critical in dentistry or surgical planning models.



Biocompatible 3D printing on Form 3BL is:

  • Creation of large biocompatible parts that can be disinfected and sterilized.
  • Full scale anatomical models for both children and adults.
  • Prototypes of medical devices, fixtures, jigs, assemblies and end-use parts.
  • Surgical instruments for specific surgeons or patients.
  • Surgical planning models for diagnostic use in FDA-approved workflows.

Simple Medical 3D Printing Workflow

Form 3BL works full time while you work on other processes. Intuitive workspace software and automated post-processing options make 3D printing easy.

Buy Form 3BL - Biocompatible Model Creation Workflow



Model Formlabs Form 3BL
Printing Technology LFS
Printing area 335 × 200 × 300 mm
Layer thickness 25 – 300 microns
XY Resolution 25 microns
Laser power Two 250 mW lasers
Laser Beam Size 85 microns
Resin filling system Automatic
Printing material Photopolymer Resin
Biocompatibility Yes
Number of lots for cartridges 2
Support Auto-generated

Light-Touch Removal

System requirements Windows 7 (64-bit) and higher

Mac OS X 10.10 and above

OpenGL 2.1


File type .stl and .obj input file

.FORM Output File

Working temperature Automatic heating up to 35 °C
Temperature control Air heated print chamber
Power requirements 100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 7.5 A, 650 W
Laser characteristics Class 1, Certification: EN 60825-1:2007
Connection WiFi, Ethernet and USB 2.0
Printer management Interactive touch screen 5.5″
Producing country USA
Dimensions 770 × 520 × 740 mm
Weight 54.4 kg
Warranty 1 year

Form 3BL Complete Set

  • 3D printer Form 3BL
  • 1 Resin Tank
  • 1 Build Platform
  • Finish Kit
  • PreForm Software

Medical 3D printing in Ukraine on Form 3BL 3D printer

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