3D modeling

What is 3D modeling? In general, it’s a way to show physical properties of not existing yet object to improve its characteristics or demonstration an idea of a concept. In film- or game-industries 3D modeling is used to create spec effects, characters, attributes and so on. But also it may be used at different manufactures and organizations in product-developing process. It may show the main idea of a plan, carry some information about materials, construction and ways of realization this idea.

But in 3D-printing 3D modeling is needed for a little bit another tasks. Here three-dimensional modeling is a main tool in all creation process. It determines how the future object will look like. Without existed 3D model there’s no conversation about 3D printing. So even if you have 3D printer, without 3D modeling skills it will be difficult for you to create a volume object. And that’s why there is a 3D-modeling service.

3D modeling for 3D printing

So far as additive manufacturing is very functional, 3D-modeling tasks may vary greatly. Do you need decorative vase? Toy? Sculpture? Souvenir? Or your main goal is to create technical details and analogs to real engineering products? There’s no right choice, any of it can be created with 3D printing. Another question – what kind of 3D-model you need for it.

It can be created in CAD programs or in special design software (like ZBrush or Maya). It can contain information about color, to be made with full-color sandstone on the professional 3D printer. So everything you’re dreaming about may be made in volume – at first in digital view and at last in real life. Impressive, isn’t it? Our company can help your dreams come true.

3D modeling in Ukraine

We provide 3D modeling and 3D-printing services, one of the most professional in Ukraine. Here are some of the tasks that we perform:

  • 3D modeling based on drawings, sketches;
  • 3D Modeling based on real objects;
  • Editing 3D-scan data and creating models of it;
  • 3D modeling for medical purposes;
  • 3D-modeling real people for color 3D printing;
  • Jewelery 3D-modeling;
  • 3D modeling of buildings and architectural objects and much more.

Anyway we are ready to perform tasks of any complexity, so feel free to contact us. Our company work all over Ukraine. All contacts you can find in the section “Contact Us”.

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