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If you are interested in high precision 3D printing, your choice is the SLA 3D printer. The 3DDevice store offers a wide selection of stereolithographic devices for 3D printing with various construction areas. With this type of device it is possible to reproduce large batches of small, highly detailed products. It is profitable to buy a SLA 3D printer in the 3DDevice store for several reasons:

➤ The goods are always in stock ➤ We work throughout Ukraine ➤ Free training to work with a 3D printer ➤

New Form 4 3D Printer

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For all questions, please contact us in any way convenient for you (by phone or e-mail). All contact details are indicated in the section “Our contacts“.

3D Printer for Jewelers

The SLA 3D printer will be of interest primarily to jewelers and dentists, as well as anyone who cares about high detailing of products. We sell quality stereolithography devices from brands such as Formlabs, Liquid Crystal, B9Creations and others. Here you will find the best devices for jewelry 3D printing, which will give the opportunity to bring the most daring ideas to life.

Photopolymer 3D printer

The second name of the SLA 3D printer is a photopolymer 3D printer. To use it, you need a special 3D printing resin. A wide range of consumables for photopolymer 3D printers are available in our store. Thus, 3DDevice is your faithful assistant in SLA printing.

Order a jewelry 3D printer

Ultra-precise 3D printing is essential in jewelry. We understand this perfectly and will readily provide you with high-quality equipment for work. Ordering a jewelry 3D printer in our store means getting excellent quality at an affordable price.

SLA 3D printer in Ukraine

The scope of 3DDevice activity is very wide – we work throughout Ukraine. The central office of the company is located in Kiev, and our representative offices are located in Kharkov and Chernigov. Therefore, if you want to buy a SLA 3D printer in Ukraine, the delivery issue should not worry you.

In addition, in our store you will find a huge range of different 3D pens, 3D scanners and consumables. Contact us, we will be glad to cooperate!

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