Formlabs Resin Pump for high-volume resin

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A continuous photopolymer Resin feeding system for your Formlabs Form 3 series 3D printer. 24/7 uninterrupted and high quality SLA 3D printing without unnecessary labor costs in your production.

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Resin Pump – a high-volume resin supply system

Buying a Resin Pump for Formlabs SLA 3D printers is a way to ensure long-lasting and high-quality photopolymer 3D printing without unnecessary labor and save money and time.

The Formlabs Resin Pump is a continuous photopolymer resin supply system for any Form 3 series 3D printer. It supplies 5L of resin through a pump system directly into the printer’s resin tank. This way, you can unlock long-lasting 3D printing without worrying about running out of resin in the cartridge.

The Resin Pump is the optimal choice for businesses that print large volumes, because it allows you to plan material costs in advance and avoid unplanned costs. Unlock long-term 3D printing, increase efficiency, and minimize waste of raw materials and labor.


Resin Pump advantages

  • Increased efficiency – allows you to print 5 times longer due to less frequent replacement of the cartridge.
  • Reduction of labor costs – lower need for interaction with the printer.
  • Cost savings – lower cost of raw materials in large 5 l containers of resin.
  • 86% reduction in waste – less hassle with disposal of empty cartridges.
  • Reduction of storage space for resin containers.


Formlabs Resin Pump

Loading the Resin Pump into the Form 3+ 3D printer

Buy Resin Pump in Ukraine

Long-term and uninterrupted 3D printing on the Form 3B+ printer using the Form Auto hardware extension and Resin Pump.


Formlabs Resin Pump – how it works

The Resin Pump resin supply system consists of two components: a Resin Pump and a 5 liter Resin Container. The Resin Pump replaces the standard 1 liter resin cartridge in the back or side of the printer.

Each 5 liter container comes with a Resin Card that slides into the Resin Pump housing and tells the printer the contents of the external 5 liter container.


Continuous 3D printing by Formlabs

Continuous production only happens when there is enough material available. The new Formlabs Resin Pumping System ensures that printers never run out of material while operators are not working.

The Fleet Control and Dashboard functions will alert operators when consumables are close to refilling, so they can always replace resin before leaving for the night. The system works with new resin cartridges with a 5 liter capacity. This provides multiple print jobs and days of productivity without switching, complemented by a resin pump for fast and efficient dispensing.


Long-term trouble-free 3D printing system from Formlabs

Formlabs introduces the Automation Ecosystem that improves desktop 3D printing and accelerates the implementation of your new ideas to life. The Automation Ecosystem is a solution including three new products: Form AutoFleet Control, and Resin Pumping System.


  • Form Auto is a hardware extension for Form 3 3D printer series. Formlabs Form Auto engineered to automatically remove parts and start the next print. This enables 24/7 printing without user interaction, minimizes costs per part and saves labor up to 80%.
  • Fleet Control activates new, advanced features within PreForm and Dashboard software that leverage automation and workflow optimization for advanced fleet management through centralized queue management and automatic printer assignment.
  • Resin Pumping System seamlessly delivers 5L of resin through a pumping system, allowing printers to run continuously with 5x fewer cartridge changes.


Formlabs automated 3D printing ecosystem

Photopolymer 3D printing farm with 8 Form 3B+ 3D printers


Purchase Resin in 5 L containers

The following Resins are available now in 5 L containers:

  • Draft Resin
  • Clear Resin
  • Tough 2000 Resin
  • Model Resin
  • Grey Resin

Other compatible* resins are available through custom orders and will require at least a 30 L** minimum order quantity.

*Resin Pumping System is compatible with most Formlabs Resins. Check the support site for more information.
**Some resins may have a higher minimum order quantity.


Formlabs continuous 3D printing

Formlabs Form 3+ 3D printer, Resin Pump and new 5 liter Resin Containers


Buy Formlabs Resin Pump in Ukraine from the official distributor

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