3D printer Raise3D E2 Educational

154 400 грн.

inkl. VAT

Printing area: 330×240×240 mm

Versatile, reliable and easy to use – a great printer for educational institutions.

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Raise3D E2 Educational Dual Extruder 3D Printer

The Raise3D E2 Educational 3D Printer is a special price offer from Raise3D that applies only to printers used for educational purposes. This includes schools, educational associations, colleges, universities and other educational institutions.

The Raise3D E2 3D printer with two extruders and a large 330×240×240 mm build field is a productive, versatile, accurate and reliable device at a more budget-friendly price. It is also easy to use and features the IDEX independent paired extruder system and flexible working platform, which has excellent surface adhesion and easy removal of printed products. Easy to print, easy to remove – always great printing results!


Educational 3D printer Raise3D E2 for educational institutions


A reliable 3D printer for educational institutions

The Raise3D E2 is a high-end 3D printer designed with advanced technology that makes it extremely user-friendly. It provides a 3D printing experience of a level that is perfect for immersive 3D learning. The printer makes it convenient and easy to introduce 3D printing to beginners in schools, clubs, vocational schools, higher education institutions, etc.

  • Large build space 330×240×240 mm, covered on all sides.
  • Minimum layer thickness of 20 µm.
  • High printing temperature up to 300 °C.
  • System of two independent IDEX extruders.
  • Multiple printing modes: one extruder or two extruders simultaneously – Mirror Mode and Duplication Mode.
  • Easy Swap printheads – easy replacement and maintenance.
  • Automatic Bed Alignment.
  • Easy printing and easy removal of prints from the flexible BuildTak coated work surface.
  • Wide selection of print materials including flexible, flame retardant and temperature sensitive.
  • HEPA air filter – removes plastic nanoparticles from the air. Safe and quiet classroom environment.
  • Large 7″ touchscreen display, remote control and monitoring with built-in camera and RaiseCloud cloud platform.
  • Door open sensor, filament sensor and print save and restore function in case of power loss.
  • Works in the Raise3D ecosystem: ideaMaker, ideaMaker Library and RaiseCloud.


Raise3D E2 for school: specifications

Type of 3D printingFDM
Print area for 1 extruder305 × 305 × 605 mm
Print area for 2 extruders280 × 305 × 605 mm
Print headDouble head with electronic lifting system
Plastic diameter1.75 mm
XY step size0.78125 microns
Z step size0.078125 microns
The speed of movement of the print head30 – 150 mm/s
PlatformAluminum platform with heating and magnetic retention
Maximum platform temperature110°C
Material of the heating tableSilicon
Screen resolution1024*600
Compatible materialsPLA, ABS, HIPS, PC, TPU, NYLON, PETG, ASA, PP, Carbon Fiber, etc.
Nozzle diameter0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 mm
Maximum nozzle temperature300 °C
ConnectionWi-Fi, LAN, USB port, Live camera
User interface7-inch touch screen
Noise level during printing<50 dB(A)
Ambient operating temperature15-30 °C, relative humidity 10-90% non-condensing
Storage temperaturefrom -25 °C to +55 °C and relative humidity 10-90%
Input voltage100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz 230 V
Output voltage24 V DC, 600 W
Slicer softwareideaMaker
Supported file types.STL, .OBJ, .3MF
The type of file to printGCODE
Dimensions620 × 590 × 1105 mm
Warranty6 months


Buy an educational 3D printer Raise3D E2 in Ukraine


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