3D printer Raise3D RMF500

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Large print volume: 500×500×500 mm

High performance professional 3D printing for use in prototyping and production.

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Industrial 3D printer Raise3D RMF500

The Raise3D RMF500 industrial 3D printer is a productive dual-extruder printer capable of printing large parts from lightweight and strong fiber-reinforced thermoplastics.

With a built-in 4-cartridge compartment with humidity control, high print speed, two reinforced independently printing extruders, high positioning accuracy, and a robust design, the Raise3D RMF500 printer is capable of continuously printing complex large-format composite parts with consistent industrial quality.

This is a high-class 3D printer for various design bureaus and small-scale productions, capable of speeding up the development and production of products or providing a cheap and quick replacement of parts that are not inferior in terms of the characteristics of the original.


Raise3D RMF500 large format printer – benefits

Unprecedented performance

  • Huge print volume of 500*500*500 mm.
  • A system of two independently printing IDEX silicone carbide extruders.
  • High print speeds of up to 500 mm/s are achieved using Hyper FFF™ technology.
  • Maximum carriage acceleration of up to 15,000 mm/s2 with Hyper filaments.
  • The RMF500 uses silicon carbide nozzles with a hardness of more than 60 HRC to resist abrasion of carbon fiber and fiberglass materials.
  • Raw material quality control and automation. Four built-in 2.5 kg cartridge compartments with humidity control and automatic coil switching ensure long, continuous printing.

Industrial quality: precise and repeatable products

  • High repeatable 3D printing accuracy: positioning in the axes: XY – 1 μm, Z – 0.09765 μm.
  • Reliable closed housing design with an all-steel frame – creates a microclimate in the workspace that eliminates vibrations and external factors.
  • Linear guides made of high-strength steel. Z-axis with a maximum load limit of more than 100 kg and a 50% lower deflection error.
  • Prints fiber-reinforced materials with paired support material. Print complex products with a smooth surface that is not marred by support structures.


Fast printing with composite materials

The FFF printing process for fiber-reinforced thermoplastic is changing manufacturing.

Fiber-reinforced thermoplastic is a new category of industrial materials with high performance properties – a valuable solution for high-tech industrial applications. As part of the growing trend, the development of FFF printing solutions for fiber-reinforced thermoplastics is expected to become more cost-effective, productive, and based on DNA materials. As such, FFF printing of fiber-reinforced thermoplastics allows for the creation of robust, industrial-grade parts and components that are lighter than equivalent metal and solid polymer components – highly desirable benefits for the automotive and aerospace industries.


Raise3D RMF500 industrial 3D printer - buy in Ukraine


Raise3D RMF500 specifications

Printing TechnologyFFF
Layer Height (micron)50 – 750
Build Field (mm)500*500*500
Build Field For Dual Printing (mm)500*500*500
Ø Of Plastic (mm)1,75
Maximum Nozzle Temperature (°C)330
Number Of Extruders2
Chamber TypeClosed
Filament Chamber TypeClosed
Heating The ChamberNo
Plastic DryingYes
Feeder TypeDirect
Nozzle TypeSilicon Carbide
Extruder Construction TypeIDEX – Independent Dual Extruders
Nozzle Diameter (mm)0.6 (Default), 0.8 (Coming soon)
Positioning Accuracy (µm)XY: 1; Z: 0.09765
Print Speed (mm/s)Up to 500
Acceleration (mm/s2)15000
Platform HeatingYes
Maximum Platform Temperature (°C)110
Platform MaterialAluminum Alloy, PEI Build Plate with Vacuum Manifold Cover
Open Filament SystemYes
Supported MaterialsRaise3D Industrial PA12 CF, Raise3D Industrial PA12 CF Support, (PPA CF, PET CF, PPA GF, ABS, PETG, ASA Coming soon)
Control13.3-inch Touchscreen (1920×1080)
Assembly TypeFully-assembled
Video CameraYes
Supported File TypesSTL, OBJ, 3MF, OLTP, GCODE
Operating SystemWindows. macOS, Linux
ConnectivityWi-Fi, LAN, USB port, Live camera
Power Input3-Phase 380 V, AC 25 A
Onboard Flash (Gb)2
Manufacturer CountryUSA
Warranty Period (months)12
CertificationsCE, CB, RoHS, FCC, RCM
Dimensions Netto (mm)1341×991×2341
Dimensions Assembled (mm)1341×991×2370
Operating Temperature Range (°C)15 – 30
Operating Humidity Range (%)30 – 70 RH non-condensing
Storage Temperature (°C)-94


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