3D printer Bambu Lab X1 Carbon Combo

102 500 грн.

Build volume is 256*256*256 mm

A state-of-the-art printer designed with ease of printing in mind to avoid the major problems of 3D printing:

  • Automatic Material System AMS with humidity control and auto-replacement of spools.
  • Printing speed of 500 mm/s at temperatures up to 300 °C.
  • Printing overhanging parts without supports, easy removal of supports.
  • 24/7 unattended human 3D printing under AI control.
  • Printing of composite materials.

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Buy Bambu Lab X1 Carbon Combo 3D Printer

On this page, you can buy the Bambu Lab X1 Carbon Combo 3D printer, which combines sleek design and cutting-edge technology in the 3D industry to deliver unrivaled accuracy, speed and versatility.

Like the previous generation Bambu Lab X1 Carbon printer, the new X1 Carbon Combo has a spacious working volume and high printing speed. It utilizes advanced technology that promotes accurate printing and smooth lines. It also includes an Automatic Material System (AMS) for storing and automatically replacing plastic spools. You can rest assured that the printer always prints only quality materials and can go about your other business without worrying about having filament in the extruder. Whether you are printing complex models, molds or prototypes, this printer delivers amazing results every time.


AMS Automatic Material System

When you purchase the Bambu Lab X1 Combo version of the Bambu Lab X1 printer, you’ll get the Automatic Material System (AMS) included, allowing you to print with different colors and materials seamlessly.

The main features of the AMS are:

  • Sealed
  • Has a moisture sensor
  • Capacity of 4 reels
  • 2-stage feeding
  • Filament buffer

Coil parameters suitable for AMS: Plastic coils less than 67 mm wide (e.g. Bambu Filaments or PrimaSelect). Cardboard spools do not work well with AMS.


AMS Automatic Material System


Key Features of the X1 Carbon Combo

  • Includes X1 Carbon 3D printer and AMS – Automatic Material Processing System.
  • Large print volume of 256*256*256mm.
  • Ability to use different colors and materials.
  • Intelligent printing with automatic two-stage bed alignment and first layer check and active vibration compensation.
  • Print speeds up to 500 mm/s – while other printers are halfway there, the Bambu Lab X1 Carbon has already completed it!
  • Exceptional printing accuracy – even at such high speeds prints quality parts with a layer height of 100 µm.
  • High quality printing with a Lidar resolution of 7 µm.
  • Upgradeable and customizable flexibility.
  • High-speed CoreXY with 20,000 mm/s² acceleration.
  • Dual cooling.
  • Hardened nozzle.
  • Direct plastic feed Direct with carbon fiber reinforced gears.
  • Wide choice of materials including PA, PC, PET and TPU, specializing in carbon fiber and glass fiber reinforced polymers.


Advanced printing with advanced materials

With its performance, advanced technology and sophisticated temperature control system, the X1 is capable of printing more demanding materials.

  • All-metal Hotend – 300 °C.
  • Hardened steel nozzle – 50HRC.
  • Platform heating up to 120 °C.
  • Auxiliary 12 W cooling fan for the model being printed.


Wide range of plastics for 3D printing

  • PA-CF – super stiff but abrasive carbon fiber filament.
  • PA – strong and self-lubricating but very hygroscopic polyamide.
  • PC – highly heat-resistant but easily deformed polycarbonate.
  • Polymers – several polymers used in one project.


Advanced processes for printing from advanced materials


Polymers - multiple polymers for multiple applications in one project


Buy Bambu Lab X1 Carbon Combo 3D Printer - Color 3D Printing


Alignment with artificial intelligence

  • Lidar that measures depth in micrometers

The Bambu Micro Lidar provides micrometer precision in 3D printing. The system measures nozzle height, calibrates the flow and scans the first layer.

  • Dual Automatic Bed Alignment

The Bambu Lab X1 uses two sets of independent sensors and an algorithm to measure nozzle height relative to the bed. Lidar and analog force sensors cross-check the height – doubly guaranteed.



Monitoring system with built-in camera and door sensor

  • The built-in camera records the entire printing process so you can monitor printing remotely, or view the recording to determine solutions to potential problems.
  • Door Sensor (in development) – A smart sensor allows the printer to pause printing when the door is opened.
  • Temperature sensors inside the chamber adjust the speed of the cooler to cool it to the desired temperature.
  • Filament break sensor.
  • Closed loop fan – with tracking of its operation so you can react in time.
  • RFID – tracks material type with automatic application of the best settings for your material.
  • Odometer – automatically tracks the amount of material used and left behind.
  • X1 Combo automatically tracks belt tension, and offers a semi-automatic way to adjust this setting with the belt tensioner.


AI features

AI checks the first layer. The Lidar sensor can check the first layer of a task while you’re doing something else.

Spaghetti detection: artificial intelligence monitors for “spaghetti”, so you can sleep easy knowing your printer is protected from this scourge. A “spaghetti” failure is detected on time with 86% confidence.


Bambu Lab X1 Carbon ultra-fast 3D printing.

How did we get such a speed boost?

  • Ultralight carbon rail
  • 40W ceramic heater.
  • Powerful 12W cooling fan
  • Welded steel XY chassis
  • Flow 32 mm3/s
  • Acceleration 20 m/s2
  • Speed 500 mm/s

Use one printer instead of multiple printers without sacrificing productivity. Less latency means faster iteration. Use a default layer height of 0.1mm without worrying about print time. Less time means less carbon footprint to maintain print surface temperature.


Smooth 3D printing

The secret to smooth printing on the X1 is active XY vibration compensation and precise layer height (Z) setting, which together with high throughput and flow control gives incredibly smooth and accurate printed lines.



Straight out of the box

The X1 is assembled, customized, calibrated and tested before shipping, so you can enjoy printing right out of the box.

Bambu Lab 3D Printer with Remote Printing

You can send printouts using Bambu Studio, and you can control your printer anywhere at any time using Bambu Handy, we also support SD card and LAN for printing projects.

It’s time to embrace 3MF

In the STL era, you had to manage model files, print parameters, build instructions, license information and model images in different locations with different software. With built-in support for 3MF by default, the X1 takes all of that hassle away and now you can manage your entire project in one cloud.

  • With nature in mind
  • Up to 80% reduction in carbon footprint
  • Up to 20% plastic savings
  • 50 dB in silent mode
  • VOC filter with activated carbon



Printing TechnologyFDM
Minimum Layer Height (µm)100
Build Field (mm)256*256*256
Ø Of Plastic (mm)1,75
Maximum Nozzle Temperature (°C)300
Number Of Extruders1
Chamber TypeClosed
Filament Chamber TypeClosed
Plastic DryingYes
Feeder TypeDirect
Extruder Construction TypeAll-Metal
Leveling SystemMicro Lidar Assisted Bed Leveling
Nozzle Diameter (mm)0.4 (optional 0.2, 0.6, 0.8)
Build Speed (mm3/s)32
Print Speed (mm/s)500
Acceleration (mm/s2)20 000
Platform HeatingYes
Maximum Platform Temperature (°C)110
Platform MaterialFlexible Steel Plate + Bambu Cool Plate, Bambu Engineering Plate (Bambu High Temperature Plate – optional)
Supported MaterialsPLA, PETG, TPU, ABS, ASA, PVA, PET, PA, PC, Carbon Fiber Polymer, Glass Fiber Polymer
Running Noise, dB< 50
Air FilterActivated Carbon Filter
CPUQuad ARM A7 1.2 GHz
Control5-inch 1280×720 Touch Screen
Assembly TypeAssembled
Body MaterialAluminum & Glass
Video Camera1920 × 1080 Included
FeaturesBambu Micro Lidar Sensor, Door Sensor, Door Lock During Print, Filament Run Out Sensor, Power Loss Recover, Filament Odometry (Optional with AMS), Cloud Control
Operating SystemMacOS, Windows
SoftwareBambu Studio, Superslicer, Prusaslicer, Cura
ConnectivityWi-Fi, Bambu-Bus, Micro SD Card
Power Input100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power Output1000W
Onboard Flash (Gb)4
Manufacturer CountryChina
Warranty Period (months)12
Weight Netto (kg)14,13
Dimensions Netto (mm)389×389×457



Buy in Ukraine professional 3D printer Bambu Lab X1 Carbon Combo


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