3D printer Raise3D Pro3

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Printing area: 300×300×300 mm

With a large print area and a dual extruder system, it allows for large parts or batch printing.

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Raise3D Pro3 3D printer

The Raise3D Pro3 3D printer is an all-in-one achievement in the world of 3D printing. It is a powerful professional 3D printer with many features to help you print high-quality prototypes and products.

Raise3D Pro3 has a large build volume of 300×300×300 mm and a dual extruder system that allows you to print large parts or do mass production. The all-metal construction gives it extra strength and reliability, and the built-in airflow manager with perfect air circulation results in strong and smooth print surfaces. The built-in EVE smart assistant system reminds users of regularly scheduled interventions and helps them pinpoint and resolve issues. The printer also features easy-to-use software that helps manage the printing process efficiently.

All of this makes Raise3D Pro3 an ideal solution for professional 3D printing with great potential for creating complex and detailed objects.


Raise3D Pro3 – flexible production in your workshop

The Pro3 series consists of the Pro3 printer with a 300×300×300 mm build bed and the Pro3 Plus with a 300×300×605 mm build bed, which meets the requirements of large-scale production and rapid multi-dimensional prototyping.

The Pro3 Series dual extruder 3D printers connect to the Raise3D 3D printing software ecosystem, which includes the ideaMaker 3D slicing software, an open source template called the ideaMaker Library, and RaiseCloud 3D printing cloud software.


Raise3D Pro3 3D printing platform

Has updated print platform features to produce high-quality prints and have a better overall experience.

  • Automatic platform leveling makes it easy to prepare for 3D printing.
  • With the flexible build plate, you can remove 3D printed parts without effort and rejects.
  • Z-axis shaft stiffness increased by 75% for more stable operation.


Raise3D Pro3 3D printer dual head


Interchangeable hot end and extruder cover

The Pro3 Series features a modular dual print head extruder with an electronic lift system. This allows the Pro3 Series to print with a variety of filaments, reduce clogging, and provide easy disassembly and component replacement. The Pro3 Series Hot End is easy to remove without tools for replacement and maintenance. Here, the extruder cover can be easily removed for inspection and maintenance.


Interchangeable hot end and extruder cover


Airflow manager for Raise3D Pro3 3D printer

On the rear panel is the Air Flow Manager, which improves heat dissipation and air circulation to create a stable print chamber environment. The Air Flow Manager can filter and purify the air inside the print chamber. It is equipped with a HEPA air filter.


Airflow manager


EVE smart assistant

The Pro3 Series has a built-in EVE Smart Assistant system. The EVE assistant can help users find and resolve issues that may affect the final print job. It also has a feature that reminds users of regularly scheduled interventions to ensure that printer maintenance is performed on time. This reduces maintenance time and communication costs for an efficient maintenance process.


Smart EVE assistant


Universal dual-extruder 3D printer Raise3D Pro3

Versatile professional dual extruder 3D printers can print more complex projects, such as making two-color models and models made of different materials for different purposes. They feature one-way nozzle lift technology with fast nozzle switching and can therefore independently and autonomously lift and switch within a second without affecting the material or temperature of the 3D print.

  • Precise positioning and high repeatability of print results: < 0.005 mm, 5 microns.
  • Lightning fast speed: switching time < 1 second.
  • 1.5 mm lift distance: compatible with flexible filaments.


Raise3D Pro3 useful features


Raise3D Pro3 Lightweight Cable


Lightweight cable with digital temperature measurement

The Pro3 Series has replaced the pull cable with a lightweight cable to reduce the weight of the extruder and keep the center of gravity in the middle during 3D printing for more stable print quality. There is a digital temperature measurement to accurately determine the temperature to prevent jamming.

Automatic bed leveling

Leveling the print bed is the process of confirming that the print platform is as level as possible. The Pro3 Series performs this procedure automatically by maintaining the distance between the print nozzles and the print bed during the printing process. In this way, the nozzles adapt to even the slightest changes in the surface contour, and printing the first layers becomes trouble-free, with perfect adhesion without sticking or deformation.


Automatic bed leveling Raise3D Pro3



HD continuous monitoring camera Raise3D Pro3


HD continuous monitoring camera

The built-in HD camera allows you to monitor the entire printing process by connecting to RaiseCloud. Monitor every print job remotely and on the go. Upgraded CMOS sensor delivers better image quality.


Printing security on Raise3D Pro3

The printer has convenient functions for monitoring the availability of power and print media. In the event of such an incident, the printer resumes the printing process from where it stopped. There is also a door opening sensor that stops printing if the door is opened. The built-in HEPA filter filters the air from the smallest particles released during printing. The filter is quiet, so the printer can operate quietly even in offices, classrooms and small workspaces.


Raise3D Pro3 ecosystem


Free ideaMaker slicer for Raise3D Pro3 3D printer



Raise3D’s free ideaMaker 3D slicing software, compatible with Raise3D and third-party printers.



RaiseCloud is a cloud-based 3D printing management platform that allows you to remotely control the printing process and organize print jobs for more efficient 3D printing.


RaiseCloud - Raise3D Pro3 cloud-based 3D printing management platform



ideaMaker Library for Raise3D Pro3 printer


ideaMaker Library

The ideaMaker Library provides users with cutting profiles for a variety of filaments. This includes Raise3D and OFP certified filaments, making it easy to customize print settings for different filaments.



Printing TechnologyFFF
Layer Height (micron)10 – 250
Build Field (mm)300*300*300
Build Field For Dual Printing (mm)255*300*300
Plastic diameter (mm)1,75
Maximum Nozzle Temperature (°C)300
Number Of Extruders2
Chamber TypeClosed
Filament Chamber TypeClosed
Heating The ChamberNo
Plastic DryingNo
Feeder TypeDirect
Nozzle TypeRaise3D Pro2
Extruder Construction TypeDual-head with electronic lifting system
Leveling SystemMesh-leveling with Flatness Detection
Nozzle Diameter (mm)0.4 (0.2, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 available)
Positioning Accuracy (µm)XYZ: 0,78125
Print Speed (mm/s)30 – 150
Platform HeatingYes
Maximum Platform Temperature (°C)120
Platform MaterialSteel plate, magnetic, flexible cover BuildTak
Open Filament SystemYes
Supported MaterialsPLA, ABS, HIPS, PC, TPU, TPE, PETG, ASA, PP, PVA, Nylon, Glass Fiber, Carbon Fiber, Metal Fill, Wood Fill
Running Noise, dB< 55
Air FilterHEPA filter with activated charcoal
Control7″ Touch Screen
Video CameraYes
FeaturesFilament Run-out Sensor, Door Sensor, Power Loss Fail Safe, EVE Smart Assistant
Supported File TypesSTL, OBJ, 3MF, OLTP, GCODE
ConnectivityWi-Fi, LAN, USB, Live camera
Power InputInput: 100-240 V AC, 50/60Hz 230 V @ 3.3A. Output: 24 V DC, 600 W
Onboard Flash (Gb)16
System RequirementsWindows / macOS / Linux
Manufacturer CountryUSA
Warranty Period (months)12
CertificationsCE, CB, RoHS, FCC, RCM
Weight Netto (kg)49,0
Dimensions Netto (mm)620×626×760
Weight Brutto (kg)75,0
Dimensions Brutto (mm)750×750×1060
Operating Temperature Range (°C)15 – 30
Operating Humidity Range (%)10 – 90 RH non-condensing



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