3D scanner Thunk3D Archer W handheld

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Thunk3D Archer W handheld 3D scanner is a full color 3D scanner with texture capture, the best choice for human scanning.

Two 12mm / 5MP cameras are built into the body, can scan objects up to 80 – 2000 mm, one frame extension 1280*800, with scanning accuracy up to 0.1 mm.

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3D scanner Thunk3D Archer W manual buy in Ukraine

Introducing the Archer W 3D scanner – a handheld 3D scanner manufactured by the Chinese company Thunk3D.

This full-color 3D scanner with texture capture is the best choice for human and color scanning.

Two 12mm/5 MP cameras are built into the body, can scan objects up to 80 – 2000 mm, one frame extension of 1280*800, with scanning accuracy up to 0.1 mm.

  • Scanning modes: Archer W 3D scanner can work in monochrome and full color modes with texture capture.
  • Fully manual scanning, you won’t need any additional accessories or packages.
  • Laser location detection, capturing data up to 3 million points per second.
  • Large illumination area, for medium to large objects. Scanning volume from 8 cm to 200 cm. Positioning by both tags and object surface features.
  • Safe. Utilizes structured light technology and is completely safe for human scanning.
  • Real-time scanning. Frames are automatically spliced in real time, filling in the gaps. Data is automatically processed and minimized for increased speed.
  • Accuracy to 0.1 mm. Can be used to scan carvings, human face and body, artwork, etc.


Archer W specifications

TurntableHand turntable
CameraMonochrome 1.3mp*2 + Colorful 1.3
RasterDLP 1280*1080 (TI chip)
Resolution0.2 mm
Point distance0.24 mm
Light range (Dual FOV)Precise mode: 200*160 mm
Standard mode: 400*320 mm
Accuracy0.1 mm
Scan speed3,000,000 points/S, 12-15 F
Scan volume100 – 3000 mm
AlignmentFeature align, Mark align, Frame align, Mix align
Export FormatSTL, ASC, PLY, OBJ
PC RequirmenIntel CPU; RAM > = 16GB; Nvidia GM >= 2GB (must); Win10 (64 bit)
SoftwareThunk3D Own software (Fill holes; Decimate; Smoothen)
PhotogrammetricYes (option), volume accuracy within 0.1 mm/m
AdvantagesBest choice for face/human scan
Public APIUSB 3.0; C++ interface
PackageSuit Case
Unpacked weight1,25 kg


Supply kit

  • 3D scanner
  • Cables
  • Reflecting stickers
  • Acrylic calibration plate
  • Socket adapter
  • USB flash drive
  • Small handheld turntable
  • Spatula for removing markers.


3D scanner Archer W handheld full-color



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