3D scanner Thunk3D Fisher S handheld

360 000 грн.

Works according to photogrammetry technology, can scan objects in the size range of 50 – 5000 mm.

Two 16 mm/5MP cameras, two laser units, one frame with 1280*800 resolution, 8 LED backlights are installed in the body. Scanning accuracy reaches 0.04 mm.

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Handheld 3D scanner Thunk3D Fisher S buy in Ukraine

Introducing the Thunk3D Fisher S handheld 3D scanner – a professional-level scanning device at an affordable price.

With a high scanning accuracy of 0.04 mm and a high speed of 15 frames/s, the scanner creates high-quality 3D models of objects in a wide range of sizes and creates highly accurate 3D copies displaying the smallest details of the object.

Fisher S is ideal for use in various fields such as architecture, medicine, industry, education, reverse engineering, human scanning, etc. With its compact design and ease of use, you can easily scan objects of any shape or size.


Thunk3D Fisher S advantages

  • Multipurpose. Works in two scanning modes: standard mode (wide size range 150-5000 mm, for large objects) and precise mode (small size range 50-500 mm, for small objects).
  • Effective 600 FPS – high efficiency 0.03 fps. Scanning is performed quickly and with high accuracy.


3D scanner Kyiv buy


  • Lightweight and compact – only 900g, easy to scan. Compact dimensions and low weight allow you to take the device with you and easily connect it to a laptop to scan the required object even in the field.
  • Easy to operate – simple interface, one control button.


Handheld 3D scanner face scan


  • High Accuracy – Provides best-in-class accuracy close to 0.04mm.


3D scanning of a person


  • The equipment is compatible with common 3D printing file formats: ASC, STL,
  • Thunk3D proprietary software is used to process the model. With it, you can create a printable 3D image in minutes.



TurntableHand turntable
CameraMonochrome, 1.3mp*2
Lens16 mm / 5 Mp
RasterDLP 1280*1080 (TI chip)
Resolution0.1 mm
Point distance0.12 mm
Light range (Dual FOV)Precise mode: 120*100 mm
Standard mode: 300*240 mm
Accuracy0.04 mm
Scan speed3,000,000 points/S, 12-15 F
Scan volume50 – 1000 mm (suggested)
AlignmentFeature align, Mark align, Frame align, Mix align
Export FormatSTL, ASC
PC RequirmenIntel CPU; RAM >= 16GB; Nvidia GM >= 2GB (must); Win10 (64 bit)
SoftwareThunk3D Own software (Fill holes; Decimate; Smoothen)
PhotogrammetricYes (option), volume accuracy within 0.1 mm/m
AdvantagesAccuracy preference
Public APIUSB 3.0; C++ interface
PackageStandard carton box
Unpacked weight1,25 kg


Thunk3D Fisher S standard delivery kit

  • 3D scanner
  • Power adapter
  • Set of self-adhesive markers
  • Calibration board
  • Adapter
  • USB flash drive



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