Spray for 3D scanning AESUB Blue, 400 ml (self-evaporating)

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AESUB Blue 3D Scanner Spray is a self-disappearing matte spray that helps the scanner digitize shiny, transparent, glossy and mirror surfaces of scanned objects. Leaves no white residue on surfaces.

Coating type: self-disappearing after ≈ 4 hours.

Volume: 400 ml

Manufactured in: Germany



Matting spray for 3D scanner

Matting spray for 3D scanner AESUB Blue is a self-evaporating aerosol for use before 3D scanning of shiny, transparent, glossy, dark and mirror surfaces.

It does not leave marks on the surface of the object after scanning. Thus, it is used in those conditions where it is important to take care of the scanned object or it is important not to leave plaque on the surrounding instruments and equipment. You can coat the object to be scanned with AESUB Blue directly at the factory or in the laboratory. The use of such a spray eliminates the need for complex logistics of matted parts to the scanning site.

  • Self-evaporating modern scanning spray.
  • Disappears after 4 hours. There is no need to clean the surface after scanning.
  • Homogeneous layer with minimum layer thickness.
  • Without pigment.
  • Designed and tested by scanning experts.

Self-evaporating scanning spray differs from other sprays in that it eliminates the fundamental problem of 3D scanning applications – the deposition of fine aerosol particles on surfaces. This is especially important in those areas of application (laboratories, production), where it is necessary to protect sensitive equipment and devices from pigment deposits that could arise from the use of previous generation sprays.

When sprayed, AESUB Blue covers the surface with a thin matte layer that does not affect the geometry of the scanned object. You will get an optimally contrasting surface for the best results from the 3D scanning process.

3D Scanner Spray Applications: Engineering, Automotive, Aerospace, Energy, Architecture, Sculpture, Digital Archiving, Reverse Engineering, Optical Metrology, Measurement Services, R&D, Process Monitoring, Embedded Scanning, Surface Inspection.

Matting Spray workflow

How to use AESUB Blue 3D Scanner Spray

  1. Spray evenly onto the object to be measured from a distance of 15 – 20 cm.
  2. Scan the object normally after the spray dries.
  3. The applied layer of AESUB Blue automatically evaporates after scanning after 4 hours. Time-consuming surface cleaning to remove the matt finish is no longer required.

Storage conditions

AESUB Blue should be stored in an upright position in a cool, dry place, avoiding direct sunlight.

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Matting spray for 3D scanner AESUB Blue (self-disappearing)

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