Formlabs Build Platform 2 (flexible)

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With the new patented Quick Release technology for Formlabs’ new Build Platform 2, it’s now easier than ever to remove prints from the platform after 3D printing. You can easily do it in one motion – and the parts are ready for further processing!

Contents: Build Platform 2

Compatible with 3D printers: Formlabs Form 2, Form 3, Form 3B, Form 3+ and Form 3B+

Material Compatibility: Compatible with all Formlabs materials, including biocompatible resins*.

Biocompatibility: Build Platform 2 is certified biocompatible.

  • Parts are printed directly on the build platform
  • Serial production of parts
  • Strong, tough, large parts


Formlabs Build Platform 2 for easy part removal

Formlabs Build Platform 2 is a new build platform for 3D printers that brings a new experience of easy part removal in one motion.

Quick and easy capture of printed parts is now available to you. Spatulas, clamps and other accessories broken when removing a part and wasted time are now a thing of the past.

The new stainless steel deck coating is compatible with all Formlabs resins, including biocompatible*.

This stainless steel printing coating is notch-free for strength and durability.

New construction platform with flexible surface

The new Build Platform 2 has a flexible surface and comfortable handles. With one simple movement, prints are removed from this coating without tools and in just seconds. It eliminates the risk of damage to your part and streamlines your workflow.

Thanks to the new patented Quick Release technology, you save your time. Your parts printed in Formlabs Form 2, Form 3, Form 3B, Form 3+ and Form 3B+ 3D printer will be ready for further work in an instant!

Compare the parameters of the new platform with other Formlabs platforms:

Formlabs Build Platform Comparison
Build Platform 2 Build Platform Stainless Steel Build Platform
Quick Release Technology
Stainless Steel Print Surface
Form Wash Compatible
Compatible with all Formlabs resins *
* Temporary CB Resin and Permanent Crown Resin are pending validation with Build Platform 2. These materials still require a Stainless Steel Build Platform at this time..

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